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Wedding Agency Karina® - Your specialist for international weddings throughout Denmark and Copenhagen



For those who cannot travel to Denmark or the other wedding countries, we offer the possibility of marriage by proxy - legal and recognised in Germany and most other countries!


Wedding in Denmark

Since 1 January 2019, there have been new laws and regulations for binational marriages in Denmark.

The Agency for Family Law (and no longer the individual registry offices) now checks the documents for completeness and issues the licence for the wedding.

If there is a suspicion of a pro forma marriage, the commission can invite the bride and groom to a personal interview or refuse the marriage licence.

You must now prove that you have known each other for at least one year, meet regularly or already live together and speak a common language.


The exam fee is now DKK 1900 = €260 and is non-refundable.

The examination time is currently 5 to 10 days, but only if the documents are submitted via a marriage agency .


We warn all couples not to send the documents to Denmark on their own. The slightest mistake will result in an additional request combined with a processing time of 2 to even 4 (NEW) months!


Once the marriage licence has been issued, the Wedding Agency Karina®

can also arrange an appointment at the registry office of your choice at short notice.


Marriage in Denmark will continue to be the perfect solution, especially for bi-national couples, as they do not need a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI)/certificate of marital status or a birth certificate.

Same-sex couples can also marry in Denmark and Gibraltar without any problems.

The marriage certificate is recognized by authorities of most countries, among others accepted in Germany, EU, Brazil and USA.



If you have difficulties in obtaining the required documents, we can usually find a solution.


We can arrange your wedding at one of the other wedding destinations with less bureaucracy:


Cyprus(LINK), in Gibraltar(LINK), in Georgia(LINK) and Hong Kong(LINK) and Seychelles(Link)


All registry offices in Denmark still have their own rules for the length of stay before the wedding ceremony.

We only work with offices that do not require overnight stays or a maximum stay of one night, and that offer free witnesses on all wedding days.

Our registry offices have no public holidays and weddings can take place from Monday to Saturday.



In the metropolitan area of Copenhagen (link), for example, we cooperate with three registry offices.

Trust in the longtime experience and know-how of the Wedding Agency Karina®. 


Of course, we are also happy to fulfill your personal wishes, for example for a wedding at the registry office in your

Danish holiday destination.


And please take look at the feedback from happy couples (link).

Individual personal consultation –
free of charge

Tel.: +49 30 756 501 85

Information in Portuguese, English and Russian,
also WhatsApp: +49 1573 346 77 84


Personal meetings please only after prior telephone agreement!


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(LINK)


Our fee is per couple, not per person (!), and is payable directly after receiving the marriage license, so always before the wedding, and starts with...

 €355 for a standard wedding, only for couples with EU citizenship

Express wedding from €425 


plus:  DKK1900 = €260 examination fee, plus Apostille fee and travel and accommodation costs. 

These costs are not included in our fees.


Please find more info and prices for super express and beach/open air weddings here(LINK)


and information about five other wedding paradises can you find here:

Express-Wedding on the island Cyprus/Eu-member – entry with Schengen multi-visa or EU residence permit


Express-Wedding in Gibraltar (British)


Marriage in the wedding paradise Hong Kong – 170 visa-free countries


Express wedding in Tbilisi/Georgia just 3 days after sending the documents and with the possibility to change names


Express wedding in Seychelles - visa-free for everyone