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Wedding Agency Karina®

Specialist for weddings in Copenhagen as well

Our Services

We inform you…
... about the expiry of your wedding and answer your questions, etc. to the required documents (on request we also offer a translation service).

We examine…
... your documents for completeness and forward them to the testing commission

We reserve…
... your wedding date at the registry office of your choice

We send you...
... an informational e-mail containing your personal list of documents, addresses, directions to your wedding venue, a list of accommodation and local service providers, such as: Photographers and hairdressing salons, as well as information for the registration of the marriage in Germany or the respective home countries includes.

Our processing fee is per bridal couple ...

... 355, - € for a standard wedding earliest 2 months after your payment

... 425.- € for an express wedding and for weddings at special places (beach, lighthouse or openair places in Copenhagen)

Usually payable immediately after granting the license. In difficult cases, this fee must be transferred before the documents are forwarded.


The examination fee for the Danish commission is currently DKK 1650 = EUR 223.

This fee must be paid to our agency as a down payment before detailed written advice and a list of the documents to be submitted in your case can be made.

If we forward your documents to Denmark, we will transfer this fee to the Danish Family Law Agency.

It is never refundable.