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Specialist for weddings in Copenhagen as well

Our Services

We inform you…
... about the procedure of your wedding and answer your questions regarding required documents. (We also offer translation services if needed)
We check…
... if your documents are complete and get a wedding appointment at the chosen civil registry office.
We send you…
… our information package, containing your personal list of required documents, a list of addresses, detailed directions to the location of your wedding and an accommodation list. Plus some hints for the registration of your wedding in Germany or rather the respective native country.
We inform you…
… how to get legalised the certificate of marriage by endorsement with an Apostille for 38,- € in the shortest time;
Our arrangement charge for each couple, is always accounted by two separate invoices...

... 265,- € for a standard wedding when handing over the documents at least 42 days before applying for a wedding date - only applies to a wedding on an island;

... 295,- € for an express wedding when handing over all documents 21 to 41 days before applying for a wedding date and for a wedding in Copenhagen (excluding speed weddings and weddings on Saturdays);

... 355,- € for a speed wedding when handing over the required documents 1 to 20 days before applying for a wedding date and for a beach wedding, wedding on a Saturday and a wedding without accommodation. 10% off for following couples: Au Pair - Au Pair, Student - Student, Au Pair - Student;

Each charge is payable before the wedding and always after confirmation of the wedding date by the chosen civil registy.

The marriage fee to be paid to the danish registry office is 870,- DKK, about 118,- € everywhere in Denmark since 01.01.2018. You have to pay this case-working fee usually directly to our agency when handing over your documents. This fee is not included in our arrangement charge, costs for travelling and accommodation are not included either.